Johannesburg Eye Hospital Wellness day 18/12/2020
Nursing 101 taught me to: Promote health, prevent illness, preserve life and alleviate suffering…
I am proud to say that in 2020 the management of Johannesburg Eye Hospital took this principle to heart.
Health care personnel, have the tendency to neglect their own health to take care of the needs their patients. However, during our wellness day, we focused on the wellbeing of the health care personnel.
We conducted the following test:
• weight, height and BMI with a consultation form our dietitian
• blood pressure, blood glucose, blood cholesterol, ECG, HIV
testing and counselling and Hepatitis antibody testing and immunization
• consultation from our medical doctor
• eye screening and a consultation from our ophthalmologist
Thank you is such a small word, but it is said with a warm and grateful heart to all the staff at the Johannesburg Eye Hospital. Your hard work, commitment and endurance during a very tough year are greatly appreciated. You are an amazing team. However, a great team is a reflection of awesome leadership. Thank you to our management and stakeholders for the inspiration, guidance and support.
I wish you and your family peace, health and happiness during this festive season.