Eye Safety during the festive season
Dr Irfaan Hasrod MBBCh(Wits), FCOphth(SA), MMed Ophth(Wits), DipOpht(SA)
The holiday season is a time spent relaxing and creating memories with our loved ones. It is also a time when we see an increase in trauma to patients’ eyes. Here is a quick safety check list to keep your eyes safe and preserve the valuable gift of sight:
1.Always wear safety glasses when doing any DIY chores at home, this will prevent foreign bodies entering the eye, as well as preventing devastating globe lacerations.
2.Think twice before purchasing any sharp-edged toys, projectile toys, and laser toys for the little ones. They are always culprits in ocular trauma seen in children during the holidays.
3.Champagne cork injuries to the eyes can be avoided by using a towel when opening champagne bottles.
4.Use UV protected eyewear when enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Excess UV exposure can cause photokeratitis (a form of sunburn to the eyes).
5.Do not delay in seeking professional help in the event of any injury/visual disturbances/eye pain you may have. If any eye problem is diagnosed and treated early the outcome is usually superior.
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